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This site ( ) is administered by the Algae Biomass and Energy System R&D, Center, University of Tsukuba (ABES).


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The ABES strives to protect personal information in accordance with University of Tsukuba’s Privacy Policy. For more information, please see the Privacy Policy.

The content of this website is subject to copyright, and the copyright of this website belongs to ABES. Therefore, to reproduce, modify, or distribute any content of this website without permission corresponds to copyright infringement. Copyright law and related information are provided on the Copyright Information Center website.


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To send us questions or comments about this site, please use

Depending on the content, it is more efficient to contact the relevant organization directly. However, in any case, we cannot answer the whereabouts of faculty members, staff, students, and personal information such as e-mail addresses.


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Generally, pages of this website may be linked freely, but depending on the content of your website and the way you link it, we may refuse it at the discretion of ABES. Please note the followings in advance when linking.


・ Please indicate that this is a link to this website.

・ Displaying the website using frames, etc., is prohibited when it becomes unclear that it is a website operated by ABES.

・ To advertising or doing business of your website by linking to this website is prohibited.

・ Links from websites that violate laws or order and morals are prohibited.

*The URL of each page of this website may be changed or abolished without prior notice.

*ABES shall not be liable for any trouble, etc. by linking.


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This website contains links to several external sites, but the ABES has no obligation or responsibility for the sites and services of any independent third party.



If you use this website, we will judge that you have agreed to the above content. In addition, this page may be partially corrected or added due to various circumstances. If you continue to use this website after modification or addition, please be aware that we understand you have confirmed the modification and additional content of this piage.