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【April 4th】Visitors from the World Economy Forum

On the Tuesday, 4th of April, we had 2 visitors from the World Economy Forum.


Sebastian Buckup

(Head of Programming, Global Programming Group,

Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum Geneva)


Mihoko Kashiwakura

(Community Lead, Region and Government Engagement-Japan)


At one of our sites, “Research Facility for Algae Biomass and Biofuel Production (Kurihara)”,

Prof. Makoto M Watanabe and Prof. Kazuo Kadowaki welcomed the visitors and  

conducted a site tour. 












After our R&D activities were explained from the hosts, two visitors seemed pleased

to know that the skin care products containing algae hydrocarbon have already

been commercialized in the markets.

Visitors were also interested to know what type of challenges that we are facing

in commercializing algae fuel.

Reduction in production cost is the biggest challenge.

We, ABES are working on in multilateral ways to solve high cost in producing algae fuel

in order to realize sooner commercialization of algae fuel.